It's a New Year at Red Paint Studio

and it's starting out to look quite insane. Have we just gone mad? Will there be a place for art and the artist in the new world?  I walk up to visit the Petrogliphs on the black volcanic rock here in Albuquerque and smile when I hear the tourists wonder "what did they represent..what were they saying?" I hope humans will be able to say that generations from they look at modern art and question "Why is that figures' head so big..and eyes so narrow ?"..and they will turn to history to understand. 

So I've moved into my little studio to paint at home..yes I do miss my neighbors and having drop ins but I'll have outside space to get messy in and the back patio when covered will do for workshop area. Mostly I've been sewing to replenish Coreline's Closet art to wear and just finished some new found object sculpture for a new gallery Corrales Fine Arts here in my village. Next some small 6x6 bright doggie portraits for my new Co op gallery Bosque Gallery also in Corrales Village. I have a new online gallery with a shopping cart so you don't have to contact me for sales ( although I like to catch up with folks) and this website will eventially be taken down so try out the new one next. and thanks..I know many patrons and friends watch my Facebook feeds ( I have 3) and see what I'm up to on Instagram and Pinterest..which is fun so continue to share if you would be so kind. I'll be trying to get people to move over to Instagram from has a better reach but less personal I find..but a great place to be seen but gets time consuming to manage all. 

Coming up I'll have a Coreline's Trunk show at my studio just before Valentine's Day ( champaign and chocolate too of course) so if you don't get a newsletter from me.. sign up so I can send you a reminder.( link is here on this page). L. BaLoMbiNi will be evolving into red paint studio this year as I try to encompass my artwork and clothing line under one brand. It's a process. Thanks and have a healthy new year!