Let's Get Back to Making

SO it's been a journey..and yes I missed writing and telling you all sorts of details about leaving Asheville, and house hunting in the sand..yes sand.of New Mexico...but I found I needed to conserve my time and energy for the tasks at hand. Now that things are a bit more settled I'll say a few things about moving..for me it seems I am just curious enough a person to be more interested in what's around the bend than the what's behind me..it seems to make moving again a bit easier. I looked for space to work in, to live in..air and climate my son can exist in and a bit of outdoor space to grow food in. Found all..for now. Studio/Gallery is named "red paint"..I'll leave it at that for awhile..no new websites or such. It's a space on a main st in a small village that seems comfortable with it's lack of sidewalks and box stores..and feels more like Mexico than the American West.
I'll have to do some work to get any traffic here if that's what's needed..I'll be one of many studio stops on the annual Corrales Artists Studio Stroll end of April..and look forward to meeting many of the collectors and other creative folks here in my back yard that is 45min south of Santa Fe..and next to the Rio Grande river.