running an arts well as being the creator is like having five small but exhausting..always my New Years resolution is to fine tune..pair stress..unclutter simplify  our lives, art, ways of being.

To that end I'll have a bigger studio on main street in our small artsy village of Corrales to move to.. to accommodate  workshops, trunk shows and scheduled painting demos. My magical realism style of painting and found object sculpture will be made there and I'll have trunk shows with my refashioned line of clothing under the Brand "Coreline's Close" stay tuned ..sign up for my newsletter ..join the red paint studio circle of friends so we can paint, share, and yes there will be tea time and chocolate.






Mixed media piece  ( artist assistant ) will be at old church fine arts show Corrales NM Oct 7-14

It is the sweetest venue ..historical adobe church with great art..come on!!

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If you've wondered if too much media is too much? Yes..yes it is

I have a shopify online store for sales and this site was created before that but I didn't like the online cart here..ah well.. that's why my time is split  between making and making sure my media is up to date not always time for all. 

I am a new member of Corrales Bosque Gallery here in New Mexico and it's a sweet group of local creatives in my back yard. Stop see my artwork or call or text to visit my studio at home.




It's a New Year at Red Paint Studio

and it's starting out to look quite insane. Have we just gone mad? Will there be a place for art and the artist in the new world?  I walk up to visit the Petrogliphs on the black volcanic rock here in Albuquerque and smile when I hear the tourists wonder "what did they represent..what were they saying?" I hope humans will be able to say that generations from they look at modern art and question "Why is that figures' head so big..and eyes so narrow ?"..and they will turn to history to understand. 

So I've moved into my little studio to paint at home..yes I do miss my neighbors and having drop ins but I'll have outside space to get messy in and the back patio when covered will do for workshop area. Mostly I've been sewing to replenish Coreline's Closet art to wear and just finished some new found object sculpture for a new gallery Corrales Fine Arts here in my village. Next some small 6x6 bright doggie portraits for my new Co op gallery Bosque Gallery also in Corrales Village. I have a new online gallery with a shopping cart so you don't have to contact me for sales ( although I like to catch up with folks) and this website will eventially be taken down so try out the new one next. and thanks..I know many patrons and friends watch my Facebook feeds ( I have 3) and see what I'm up to on Instagram and Pinterest..which is fun so continue to share if you would be so kind. I'll be trying to get people to move over to Instagram from has a better reach but less personal I find..but a great place to be seen but gets time consuming to manage all. 

Coming up I'll have a Coreline's Trunk show at my studio just before Valentine's Day ( champaign and chocolate too of course) so if you don't get a newsletter from me.. sign up so I can send you a reminder.( link is here on this page). L. BaLoMbiNi will be evolving into red paint studio this year as I try to encompass my artwork and clothing line under one brand. It's a process. Thanks and have a healthy new year!


oils on paper

made myself a big ole easel out of junk lumber and have it set up in Madrid, NM on the porch of Starshine gallery in the middle of town. Here's my offering from last week. 16"x20" matted. oils on paper. Island Boy 125.00   

figurative work

Figures are important in storytelling. Characters have emotions and bounce between each other in sometimes mysterious ways. I always observe people and wonder what stories they have behind their every day faces. I'll be looking for those stories here in New Mexico..the smaller quiet ones like the woman selling her silver jewelry door to door and the more evident ones like native dancers spinning...telling their tale in movement. 

Spring although dry has brought some beautiful desert flowers and birds..being near the Rio Grande we see flocks of migrating winged travelers..on their way to and from.                            We continue to hunt for the best local fare and my tastebuds venture out into the lands of chilies.

I am represented now in Old Town Albuquerque ( ghost wolf gallery) and Hoot Gallery in Placitas. i'll be sending vibes out to Santa Fe and Taos for other galleries to show work and getting back to some fairs as well.

Ladies Night in Corrales

What a great idea..a night where local ladies and their shopping friends come to Corrales to meet shop owners and businesses right in their back yard. We will all have discounts , raffles and treats. 

open from 4-8 add a dinner out and complete your evening..come see what I've made especially for you for this first time event..and support your local friends and neighbors. 

Trunk Show April Fools Day

Yep no foolin...lots of new scarves and shawls in luscious rayons from vintage and recently recycled dresses and skirts. Fabrics that we are offered in fabric stores nationwide are very generic and lack the design element that I seek in prints, touch and fiber content. I prefer to find them already slightly warn and washed and give these bits and pieces new stories to tell. 

red paint studio trunk show will include Urban Hats and Boots a new bootery in Corrales as well as a felt maker who's cotton candy wraps makes evening outings here in New Mexico warm delight. Ill have 20% off all Coreline's Closet designs and gift bags for the first 10 folks in the door.

Friday April 1    6:30  bring a friend..have some fun...  207 266 9634

sewing up new Linen creations for Coreline's Closet

Instagram and me

Lots of new work in the studio. Big brush/ Movement workshop coming up and getting ready for a trunk show on April Fools Day...oh and learning to garden in the desert...all kinds of stuff. I'll be posting more on Instagram.. the new social media of choice and showing work in a new gallery in Albuquerque's Old Town. So things are getting busy. 

I've created red paint circle of friends group so you'll be first to see new artwork and wearable creations from red paint studio and Coreline's Closet. Sign up and share. You'll get coupons to use on my website or etsy shop, news of sales and invites to events...and thanks 

February Skies

I think winter might be over in the desert. It's hard to tell here..but I can see in the morning as I have my tea outside in the courtyard garden that the snow on the Sandia mountains is just about gone now. I had thought about driving up to see Santa Fe in the snow but just got too busy..I'll make plans for next year.

Workshops have been fun..and each one gives me ideas for another. Next up will be the Big Art Big Movement class where we will have big brushes and paint on the walls to different musical modes. It will get me ready to do some larger paintings I've been wanting to get to since moving to New Mexico.

I'm just putting the finishing touches on my new etsy gallery with very affordable prints first up as I photograph and ready to make beautiful museum quality prints available from smaller paintings here in the studio in Corrales. Do join the red paint studio circle of friends so you can use your 30% off coupon for your selection. I'll be announcing that on face book, instagram, pinterest as well. Do share..makes my job a bit easier.

 Party Girls

Party Girls

workshops let's see what we can learn together

I'll be your guide as I host these workshops throughout the spring. There is no level of previous artistic endeavor needed..come with an open mind and we will meet new artsy friends, learn a bit about a new material, a way of seeing, color, story, composition and of course have some fun.  I'll list class and days/times offered .When you let me know you have interest..I'll send a list of supplies ( if any) and anything else you need to bring.

Jan 30 &31     11-4   11-2   cold wax/oils    intro to materials on paper and board       165.00

Feb 12      6-8 (evening)   acrylics/ hearts (using stencils, block print in mixed media valentines) wine/chocolates will be served    75.00

March 19   11-4       BIG BRUSH/ movement    thinking and painting paints on paper with big brushes and rollers.         125.00

text or email me with to hold your space ..and we'll go from there. I'll be doing some more intensive 3 day classes later on so folks from farther away may plan a visit to the area ( there is lots to see and do) ..but more about that when you sign up for the newsletter on this page...please do and share with friends...let's make some great art!!!

  red paint studio    workshops   with L. Balombini

red paint studio    workshops   with L. Balombini

Let's Get Back to Making

SO it's been a journey..and yes I missed writing and telling you all sorts of details about leaving Asheville, and house hunting in the sand..yes sand.of New Mexico...but I found I needed to conserve my time and energy for the tasks at hand. Now that things are a bit more settled I'll say a few things about moving..for me it seems I am just curious enough a person to be more interested in what's around the bend than the what's behind seems to make moving again a bit easier. I looked for space to work in, to live in..air and climate my son can exist in and a bit of outdoor space to grow food in. Found all..for now. Studio/Gallery is named "red paint"..I'll leave it at that for new websites or such. It's a space on a main st in a small village that seems comfortable with it's lack of sidewalks and box stores..and feels more like Mexico than the American West.
I'll have to do some work to get any traffic here if that's what's needed..I'll be one of many studio stops on the annual Corrales Artists Studio Stroll end of April..and look forward to meeting many of the collectors and other creative folks here in my back yard that is 45min south of Santa Fe..and next to the Rio Grande river.

Moving is Hard Work!

There's the stuff you don't want..the stuff you might need..the stuff that has some meaning..whittle whittle it down ..less is more. All the while I'd rather be painting..but I keep in my minds eye and heart the thought of better health for my son and some better times for us both. Hoping for a studio where I can work and greet folks wanting to share in the process that I have come to understand is my means of staying sane and centered in an increasingly destructive world. So..pack up the van with canvas, paints and peanut butter and banana sandwiches..and find me a soft and clean pillow to rest my head dear La Quinta Inns..for you have the power to restore my faith in movin on...along with maybe one or two Margaritas. See you at the hot springs!

  wolf rescue

wolf rescue

Simlify one's work..belongings and life.

Good goals to have.
I've been splitting art time between painting and making the same time I'm sorting out what stays  and what get's sold, given away, stored or packed for another road trip to New Mexico. Probably a longer trip this time to see if the climate is better for my sons health..and I'll see where I can fit in and get back to work will be my home base..I'll post as I go.

I'll be sending new Coreline's Closet designs to Handworks Gallery in Blue Hill Maine..and keeping a painting selection here in Asheville at Woolworth Walk. Looking forward to finding new galleries in the West and maybe a new studio as well. Wish me luck.

New website! yippie!

Thanks Susan Lomuto..for helping me get organized...and back on track. I'll be posting events and new work sure to check back often.


                                               Colorful birds at Michele Tuegel Gallery    St Pete , FL